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What is it?

Hyarchis Comply is a one-stop-shop for all compliance challenges of the Dutch accountant. With an AI-powered document management system, we help accountants to comply fully automatically with regulations such as Know-Your-Customer, AML/CFT, GDPR and alike. While we efficiently organize the back office, you can focus on what really matters - the client. From the onboarding of new customers, monitoring of existing ones to the remediation of historical customer data, we ensure that you can do business with peace of mind. We take care of the rest.

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Why choose Hyarchis Comply?

We've taken everything great about the Hyarchis Document Management system and condensed it into an easy-to-use, automated package. Using artificial intelligence and the cloud, Hyarchis Comply automates your data management and compliance processes, leaving you with the free time you need to deliver maximum value to your clients. Accountancy was never this blissful.

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Data management

Online access

Hyarchis Comply gives you and your team access to your customer data always, whenever you want.

Permissions and roles

Access to data can be controlled based on the pre-determined user groups.

Audit trail

Hyarchis Comply logs audit trails for all documents, showing you who accessed or changed a document and when.

Microsoft 365 compatible

Hyarchis Comply is fully compatible with Microsoft 365, as well as numerous accountancy CRM systems.

Dossier structure

Templates that comply with guidelines of NOAB, NBA, SRA.

Know Your Customer

Automatic and ongoing checks on the completeness of your customer files.


Automated management of retention periods.

Audit trail

Non-manipulable version history provides insight into document life cycle.


Automatic minimization of sensitive customer data within documents.


Communication tool to exchange GDPR-proof documents with customers.


Full disclosure of your digital archive as business intelligence.


Compability with all relevant CRM and accounting software.

Network control policy

Both wired and wireless networks are covered. All device events are logged and monitored. Network access points are secured from unauthorized access with authentication that takes place with every login attempt.

Backup storage

Backups are stored within a secured and designated space in office premises. Added security is provided by heightened security measures and highly restricted premises access.

GDPR compliance

Hyarchis has its own designated security and data protection officers that ensure data security and GDPR compliance.

Data compliance

Hyarchis Comply makes your customer data storage 100% compliant with regulations.

Automatic minimization

Hyarchis Comply automatically blurs out the customer data you don't need.

Full archive access

Hyarchis Comply turns your entire archive of data into one that is text-searchable.

All your data at your fingertips

Enjoy unlimited access to your customer data - and new levels of free time.

What they say about us


We were searching for a system that intergrates with our CRM and our finance solutions and Hyarchis Comply does that seamlessly. This means that the documents automatically are put directly into Hyarchis.


We wanted an online and secure system with a clear folder structure that is accessible everywhere. Thanks to the predefined file templates, the searchability of our documents became much better with Hyarchis Comply.


What really impressed us was the user-friendliness of the system, everyone in our office is able to work with the software. What Hyarchis Comply offers we have not yet encountered in other solutions.

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